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Submission + - Refurbed Kindle Fire Morphs Into REAL Android Tablet (

__aajbyc7391 writes: After initially dismissing Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire as 'merely a vehicle for generating Amazon sales of ebooks, music, videos, and Android apps, when Amazon started unloading Kindle Fire refurbs for $139 (they're now $169), DeviceGuru couldn't resist the opportunity to snap one up and turn it into a 'real' Android tablet, complete with Google's Android services and a full suite of Google Android apps. The resulting lengthy how-to blog post runs through the process of using the Kindle Fire Utility to root the tablet and install a replacement bootloader and recovery tools, and explains how to modify the tablet's homescreen look and feel. Although the morphed Kindle Fire still has some hardware shortcomings, such as its lack of a mic (or line input), camera, and bluetooth, it's still quite usable for most anything you'd want to do with a tablet. Plus, it makes a great weekend project!
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Refurbed Kindle Fire Morphs Into REAL Android Tablet

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