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Submission + - Beetle 3D mapped from the inside with microtomography (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: If your doctor ever sends you to the hospital for a CT Scan, you might get the chance to have a glimpse of your insides digitally mapped in 3D. That same technology can be employed on a much smaller scale (microtomography) for other living things, and it’s just such a technique that has won Professor Javier Alba Tercedor from the University of Granada a movie award.

The prof has managed to create a 3D map of a Droyops water beetle, and it's good enough that the beetle can be studied in great detail without ever having to cut it open to take a look. More importantly, this could be done for all beetles allowing them to easily be compared. The same is true of other living things, making microtomography an indispensible tool in the quest to better understand the life around us. But just importantly, it makes for some very cool nature videos.

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Beetle 3D mapped from the inside with microtomography

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