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Submission + - Glock: The Google of Guns (failuremag.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Glock is synonymous with gun in the same way that “Google” is shorthand for Internet search. But unlike Sergey Brin and Larry Page few people know much about Gaston Glock, a reclusive Austrian who had no experience with guns when he designed his first pistol in the early 1980s. Glock did know a lot about injection-molded industrial plastic, though, and fashioned the frame of his pistols from polymer, making Glocks lighter and more durable than the steel and wood guns of competitors. And because Glocks could fire more rounds without reloading than traditional revolvers, American police departments – and then civilians – began clamoring for the Austrian guns. Ultimately, Gaston Glock became the late twentieth century’s Samuel Colt – “another handgun inventor who had a catchy one-syllable last name and knew how to market a weapon.”
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Glock: The Google of Guns

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