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Submission + - Google Announces Algorithmic Crackdown on Webspam (

eldavojohn writes: You've most likely seen search results returned that are just a garbage full of keywords via Google's bread-and-butter "Panda" search algorithm. Some might be a little more innocuous — working unrelated anchored links into their text just to bump up their pagerank — while others are more bitcoin weightloss rapidshare ledet cloud zimmerman. Well, Google claims they've taken care of this in their latest update and they're trying to coin these practices “black hat webspam” which they attempt to define in case you run a site implementing a search engine optimization (SEO) scheme. Ars notes that some of the sites adversely affected in these nine or so changes that have been rolled out since February were actually innocent. In these next few days, will Google's tweak actually weed out the webspam or will it hurt a few innocent sites as the black hats adjust their methods and game it another way? On with the cat and mouse game!
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Google Announces Algorithmic Crackdown on Webspam

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