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Submission + - Bitcoin startup attracts $500,000 in Venture Capital

Sabbetus writes: Seattle based Bitcoin startup CoinLab secured a $500,000 investment from various investors such as Silicon Valley firm Draper Associates and angel investor Geoff Entress. CoinLab is an emerging umbrella group for cultivating and launching innovative bitcoin projects. CEO Vessenes said “if there is a currency that can trade around the world, it’s semi-anonymous, it’s instant, it’s not controlled by government or bank, what’s the total value of that currency? The answer to that is, if it works, it’s gotta be in the billions. It just has to be for all the reasons you might want to send money around the world.” This type of talk is common from Bitcoin enthusiasts but apparently seasoned investors are starting to agree. The Forbes article explains the details of their business plan but in short it has to do with tapping the GPU mining potential of gamers, more specifically gamers of free-to-play games. This would add a new revenue stream for online game companies that are trying to provide free games profitably.
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Bitcoin startup attracts $500,000 in Venture Capital

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