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Submission + - Installing Slashcode 1

jarrowwx writes: "I want to create a site that is for alternative news sources. I'd like it to be based on the same engine as Slashdot. But when I search for slashcode, I find, and the most recent posting listed is dated October, 2009. Surely, the software that powers Slashdot is not dead...

Anybody care to give me a history lesson on what has happened since 2009, and where I can find the latest and greatest code and instructions?"
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Installing Slashcode

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  • by vroom ( 43 ) * Works for Slashdot <vroom.blockstackers@com> on Tuesday April 24, 2012 @01:26PM (#39784249) Journal

    The short version is, we'd like to release it and hope to do so again someday.

    The issues that make that hard now are we used to maintain multiple sites & themes running Slash. Over time we stopped maintaining & updating the code on those sites (, and so some parts of the code have now become a little too Slashdot-specific from a theming and code perspective, making it harder for Slash to be useful as a general product.

    Given time we'd like to clean that up, and make the code accessible and useful to everyone again, however finding the time to devote to clean-up and segmentation of the code so far has been difficult. We still hope to see that happen someday in the future though.

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