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Submission + - HARVARD suggests move to open-access journals. ( 1

microcars writes: Harvard has a announced to faculty: "We write to communicate an untenable situation facing the Harvard Library. Many large journal publishers have made the scholarly communication environment fiscally unsustainable and academically restrictive. This situation is exacerbated by efforts of certain publishers (called “providers”) to acquire, bundle, and increase the pricing on journals."
The memo goes on to describe the situation in more detail and suggests options to faculty and students for the future that includes submitting articles to open-access journals. If Harvard paves the way with this, how long until other academic bodies follow suit and cut off companies such as Elsevier?

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HARVARD suggests move to open-access journals.

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  • The big journal distributors have been acting like the RIAA and fellow travellers. Rather than serving the academic interests of their customers, they've done everything they can to make even old papers (which they had nothing to do with publishing) expensive to read. If public or tax-exempt charitable funds are behind the research being published, there's really no excuse for allowing the business interests of a publisher to get in the way of that publication reaching readers. The whole Open Access movemen

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