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dcblogs writes: MIT's free online course, 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics which began in March and ends on June 8, prompted 120,000 registrations. There are more than 6,500 questions posted on the discussion board with midterms next week. Only a fraction of those students will finish the course,but it will still be big number. Stanford's free AI course had 160,000 registration and 23,000 completed it. The open education movement is expanding and quickly. Coursera, which provides an online platform, said this week that it raised $16 million. Stanford, Princeton, University of Penn., Berkeley, will be offering courses on Coursera's platform. Udacity, whose co-founder includes one of the Stanford AI instructors, plans to offer a computer science program similar to a BS. The pricing model that may emerge may be similar to what MIT is considering. Certificates with grades for one course, and a "credential" for completion of a series of courses. Fees for certificates will eventually be charged but MIT says the cost will be very low.
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MIT's free circuits course received 120,000 registrations

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