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Submission + - VMware calls open source cloud vendors "ugly sisters" ( 1

BButlerNWW writes: "In a blogpost on the company's website, VMware reminds customers of the company's market-leading position in private cloud deployments, and seemingly takes some jabs at open source cloud platforms such as OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus, marking what could be an intensifying open source vs. proprietary cloud debate. As the open source players have been "jockeying for position," VMware's network of providers that offer public cloud compatibility with on-premise VMware-powered infrastructure has surpassed 100 vendors, it announced. The blogpost plays on a theme of a fairy tale, equating the open source providers as "the ugly sisters.""
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VMware calls open source cloud vendors "ugly sisters"

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  • Just keep their hands off of VirtualBox.

    On the personal level I stopped using VMWare 5 years ago. VMWare might be good in some business situations on monster boxen, but on a stand alone desktop or even small/mid server VMWare is overkill bloat when VitualBox does really good at this.

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