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Data Storage

Submission + - SSD Performance Potential Can Be Tough to Achieve (

storagedude writes: "Vendor SSD performance claims may not matter much beyond a certain point, as other limitations like the file system and kernel may limit performance long before theoretical drive limits are reached, according to this analysis from HPC storage specialist Henry Newman. 'If you are doing single threaded operations, the limiting factor is going to be the time it takes to do the I/O switching between the user and the kernel. For file system operations like find and fsck, I think the difference between having a 100,000 IOP SSD and a 1 million IOP SSD likely does not matter. ... SSDs are a great thing, and I suspect that in the near future we will see changes to operating systems to allow them to work more efficiently.'"
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SSD Performance Potential Can Be Tough to Achieve

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