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Stowie101 writes: "There are some basic guidelines that must be followed. But at the end of the day, each HDMI manufacturer has the power to build its own concoction of “Magic Sauce.”

A total of 19 wires and shields are needed for this system to work. That’s a lot of wires to cram into a single jacket, not to mention certain attributes for how they are in placed within the jacket.

So where do you start? How does one determine placement, gauge, insulators, shields, size, etc? This is where that “Magic Sauce” can enter the design phase.

Each design has to be defined before it starts. Decisions such as bandwidth, with/without Ethernet, length, and cable size must be carried out first. A precise selection process now takes place not only on the wires specification themselves, but the challenge of just how to proportionate them all to fit into a limited jacket, kind of like the “rob Peter to pay Paul” scenario. Favoring video and not DDC could put the system in an HDCP deficit. Reverse that order and the video can go south. Or is a fair and balanced approach the answer for HDMI integrity?

"Video, DDC (HDCP&EDID), 5 volts, Hotplug, CEC and a spare wire take up most of the real estate inside the jacket. For discussion purposes, we will use a relatively short cable length of 5 meters to analyze. With this form factor a small 28-AWG wire gauge is all that is necessary for the 5-volt function to perform reliably."

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HDMI Cables: A Closer Look Under the Jacket

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