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Submission + - Chrome beats IE for first time ever (statcounter.com) 2

Kjella writes: Sunday 18th of March should go down in browser history. For the first in many years IE is no longer then #1 web browser, with Chrome narrowly beating IE with 32.71% to 32.50% while Firefox on third with 24.81%. As the figures are substantially higher for Chrome and lower for IE on weekends it's only for a day but it's another big milestone. While IE still is in a clear lead in North America and Oceania, it is tied with Firefox in Europe while Chrome now leads in Asia and South America and Firefox leads in Africa.
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Chrome beats IE for first time ever

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  • Only if you separate it by different versions.

    Nothing historical about this. The sum of all IE Versions still beats Chrome. Chrome keeps itself auto-updated so there's no real difference in versions.

    • by Kjella ( 173770 )

      The sum of all IE Versions still beats Chrome.

      No, you are wrong. IE6 (1.03%) + IE7 (2.22%) + IE8 (15.68%) + IE9 (15.68%) + IE Other (0.03%) = 32.50% < Chrome (32.71%). True it's just for a day but it's a beautiful day.

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