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Submission + - Foxconn 'Glad That Mike Daisey's Lies Were Exposed' 1

theodp writes: Foxconn Technology Group, Apple's largest supplier and the target of allegations of poor work conditions, welcomed a retraction of a This American Life radio program episode it said was based on lies. 'I am happy that the truth prevails, I am glad that Mike Daisey’s lies were exposed,' Louis Woo, a spokesman for Taipei-based Foxconn said. 'People will have the impression that Foxconn is a bad company,' Woo added, 'so I hope they will come and find out for themselves'. Foxconn also said that it has 'no plans to take legal action'.
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Foxconn 'Glad That Mike Daisey's Lies Were Exposed'

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  • The former USSR, the polor bear, is no more the bogeyman of the West

    So they (the West) looks at China, and all things Chinese, the dragon, and its diaspora, as their next bogeyman

    While this lies has been exposed, do not let your guard down, Foxconn

    More anti-China and anti-Chinese campaigns will be launched, more vicious lies will be used to smear the image of China and Chinese all over the world

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