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hopesky writes: "Most of our manufacturing process today is automated, some to the point where everything from the first contact of the raw material to finished, packaged and ready for shipment, have not seen the touch of a hand human. large factories produce thousands of units of the device works with maybe a dozen people monitoring the processes rarely have to intervene. This is true with the welding process, which was formerly done by highly skilled operators, but it is now often controlled by machines and welding machine. Some skilled jobs as welding pipe pressure requires welding skills of man, but several processes are more profitable to the machine. Root pass welding is often considered the most important factor in the welding of pipes, and this is where weld defects such as fusion and lack of fusion is more likely to be found. When the makers of welding steel pipes can choose from Brisbane experienced expert welder or a welding machine. The root pass welding, a welder qualified practiced with small movements of the hand can adjust the volume to support a continuous weld on the surface so that the deposits as a result create a strong bridge to the corresponding joints. This is more difficult to work, so the quality is an ongoing challenge for this type of inverter welder."
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Constant challenge in welding machine

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  • If you're going to post advertisements why not at least provide some relevant information? What do I get from your product that I can't get from a Lincoln Power Wave? I can integrate their system into an automated welding system using a DeviceNet interface. Can I do that with yours?

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