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Submission + - Best way to salvage out-of-copyright or out-of-print textbooks? 1

linjaaho writes: "I have found that there are many high-quality science textbooks that are out-of-copyright because 70 years has passed from the death of the original author. For 99 % in cases, 70+ years is too old to be used in teaching. But there are also many Finnish and English textbooks that are 10-20 years old but out-of-print, and could be published free online by just asking the permission from the original author. But I have a technical problem: how to digitize a book containing lots of math formulae, and where to publish it online? I know Project Gutenberg, but they only support books with text and photos."
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Best way to salvage out-of-copyright or out-of-print textbooks?

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  • Mathematicians are starting to use a file format called DjVu for scanned documents. It's much more compact than pdf-converted bitmaps. It's even supported by common browsers.

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