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Submission + - How to Manage make Programs in Linux 1

Arabian Nights writes: I've been using Linux since I was 16 (about a decade), and one thing I caught on to very quick was how package managers like Synaptic could undo installations of programs I installed. Now I am working at on a shared cluster where I need to use niche research programs/libraries that are only available through source code. The big turn off of ./configure, make, make install is if I don't like what I did and want to reinstall a different version, there's no obvious way to get my system back to it's original state. What do Slashdotters do to manage their programs built from source?
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How to Manage make Programs in Linux

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  • Hiya, this is not a problem with Make as such

    make reinstall

    or even

    make uninstall

    Could work fine in theory but it requires the code author to write a sane 'uninstall' and 'reinstall' hook. I have seen stuff like this in few source tar balls, but generally they dont. The code author cant be bothered with this sort of thing, as they assume you are using your own package manager. Just because you are building from source does not mean you dont use your package manager. I primarily use Arch Li

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