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Submission + - Handling large amounts of data with complex relationships? (

jd writes: "This is a problem I've mentioned in a couple of posts, but I really need the expert advice only Slashdot can offer. I have a lot of old photos (many hundreds) and old negatives (about 7,500 or so) covering 150 years and four different branches of the family.

The first challenge is to find a way to index every scan (date, geography, people) to be able to relate the images. Google+/Picasa doesn't even come close to what is needed — its capacity to relate information is very limited.

The second challenge is to identify major landmarks. Few of the pictures have any information and whilst I can identify some places I cannot identify everything. Not even close. Searching the web for similar images using the image as the "keyword" — that is an interesting challenge.

The third challenge is to store the images. Each of the scans is around 3.5 gigabytes in size using CCITT 4 compressed TIFF files. That gives me a storage requirement of 28 (SI) terabytes (27.3 real terabytes), which is more than I really want. Since I am producing a digital backup of the negatives, I don't want to lose resolution or detail where I can avoid it. Clearly, I can't avoid it completely — I can't afford a personal data silo — but keeping loss to a minimum is important.

What would people suggest as the best solution to these various technical problems? Besides getting a brain transplant and a new hobby."

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Handling large amounts of data with complex relationships?

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