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Submission + - Campground WIFI design follow up 3

MahlonS writes: "In November I asked Slashdot to offer suggestions on the best technology to upgrade WIFI service in a campground. I received several valuable nuggets of info. After the IT guy for the company failed to provide a complete solution, the campers revolted. I used your info to propose a solution, and I was hired to design, oversee installation and configure a better network. Things are now running smoothly.
The IT guy installed 2 Ubiquity Bullets, one on the ISPs router, one 200' away, served by a pair of bridged Engenius 2611P. This covered about 25% of the park quite well. I added an Amped repeater at my site, about 800' away, which provided some service to my part of the park, but everything was still routed through one AP.
After reviewing all the sites Slashdotters referred me to, I proposed a mesh network built on Open-Mesh. I added 2 more 2611P bridges for backhaul and installed 2 more Bullets at those locations (IT had those on hand) to cover most of the park while we evaluated the mesh. I built a 4 node mesh net, evaluated, and found it very workable. I added 8 more mesh nodes, replacing the Bullets with mesh gateways.This is now stabilized with over 100 users per day passing about 8 GB up and down.
Part of my proposal included management tools which can be operated by non-technical campground staff. Since the Cloudtrax dashboard charts usage and provides the ability to block individual machines, staff can now control the network instead of just rebooting everything.
Thanks to Slashdot for pointing me toward this solution!"
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Campground WIFI design follow up

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