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Submission + - Useable, private addressbook system?

qwerty8ytrewq writes: I was really horrified recently to discover that Apple iOS makes my address book available without asking my permission to installed apps (specifically the Twitter app in my case, but there are no doubt others). I carefully chose an iphone vs Android or whatever other options specifically because of security. Sure, I run Google apps for business, and all my data goes through there, but I (perhaps naively) told myself that this is a paid service, so I am paying them, to leave my data alone (ish) and at least not sell it to the highest bidder.
For the first time ever I am totally happy with my address-book system, I enter data once, in the field and then its backed up and useable.

The thing that really smarts here is that Apple, who I paid big money for iphone and iOS, (Apple are not offering me a free service in exchange for my data like FB ) have neglectfully given away my address book, and perhaps a lot of other data without even a 'by your leave'!
I think this is unethical practice by Apple, and at best a grey area. All I think to do to fix it is go back to a paper address book, seriously? Thoughts?
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Useable, private addressbook system?

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