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Submission + - President's budget slashes domestic fusion energy research ( 5

Sgs-Cruz writes: "There is a huge problem with the Obama administration's budget request for fiscal 2013, announced a couple of weeks ago. Essentially, the government is trying to fund its share of the ITER construction (capital) budget out of the operating budget of the U.S. magnetic fusion energy research program, instead of increasing the funding to pay for ITER construction. One of the three tokamak facilities, Alcator C-Mod at MIT, is being closed entirely, and the other two are facing huge cuts and will have to lay off many staff. In a few years, this will swallow up the domestic fusion research program entirely. Given that magnetic fusion is one of the best hopes for abundant clean energy in the future, this seems very shortsighted on the part of the government. There is a letter-writing campaign under way to get Congress to reverse the cuts."
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President's budget slashes domestic fusion energy research

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  • I have no problem with this administration, but it seems to me that this is just further suggestion that science is something not truly important. I know that it is dire times with respect to Federal funding, but without science where would we be? I believe in a balanced budget, but we are sacrificing our future that much more when we cut science. This is truly tragic.
    • I have plenty of problem with the administration although Obama and friend have my vote. However, this is just another decision in a political climate in which the exact opposite of common sense is what's required to 'get something done'.

      This conservative turn of things can't end fast enough.
  • What do they hope to accomplish by cutting the domestic program in favor of sending money overseas? What are their reasons for doing this?
  • I don't get this. Is it all in for biofuels then?

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