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Submission + - Intel announces new SoCs, aims for emerging markets (

MrSeb writes: "Even back when Intel first unveiled Medfield at CES, we knew the company was planning a number of additional announcements for Mobile World Congress this week. Things kicked off yesterday with UK provider Orange’s announcement that it’ll be rolling out Medfield phones this year. Today, Intel has announced that it has partnered with Lava to bring a Medfield phone to India, and it has taken the wraps off some new SoCs and modems. In the second half of 2012, the low-power single-threaded 1GHz Atom Z2000 will launch, and then in early 2013 the 32nm dual-core (and Hyper-Threaded) 1.8GHz Z2580 will emerge. Alongside the Z2580, Intel will also launch a 28nm LTE radio, the XMM 7160. Of the two new Atoms, the high-end dual-core part is more likely to capture headlines, but it’s the lower-end Z2000 that’s driving Intel’s grand vision. India and China are two of the fastest-growing cell phone markets on the planet. In these markets, the Z2000 will be going up against single-core phones based on the ARM11 architecture that pre-dates even the Cortex-A8. The Z2000s capabilities will make it an extremely potent competitor for the likes of the HTC Explorer or Lenovo A60; both devices currently sell into the sub-$200 smartphone segment."
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Intel announces new SoCs, aims for emerging markets

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