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Submission + - Recommend an HTML5 Book for Teaching Web App Development

SephiraUK writes: Hi Everyone,

I would like your help in choosing a book to read and use as a teaching aid. I am soon to start a multimedia unit in our FE college for students on our BTEC course (16-19 years mostly) which is to utilise graphic work and previous web understanding. We thought some HTML5 could be a good place for this as we have previously be doing it based around Flash.

So can anyone recommend a good book that could be used to build simple web applications using HTML5 that could be followed by students in the above age range having some basic understanding already of HTML and CSS?

So far I have looked at:
HTML5 Multimedia Development Cookbook
HTML5 for Masterminds

Any recommendations appreciated.
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Recommend an HTML5 Book for Teaching Web App Development

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