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Submission + - Single-Atom Transistor Foretells Quantum Computer (wired.com)

MikeatWired writes: "Physicists at Purdue University and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia have built a transistor from a single atom of phosphorous precisely placed on a bed of silicon, taking another step towards the holy grail of tech research: the quantum computer. Revealed on Sunday in Nature Nanotechnology, the research is part of a decade-long effort at UNSW to deliver a quantum computer — a machine that would use the seemingly magical properties of very small particles to instantly perform calculations beyond the scope of today’s classical computers.last month, the UNSW team advanced the cause by demonstrating that Ohm’s Law of electrical resistivity extends to the world of very small particles, and now, together with Gerhard Klimeck and his team at Purdue, they’ve made a more significant breakthrough by placing a single-atom transistor exactly where they want to place it. 'This is a big step,' says Jeremy Levy, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh. 'They’ve shown that they can control where the atom goes, and that may translate to building machines in the quantum realm. There have been other single-atom transistors, but none have done it with the same precision.'"
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Single-Atom Transistor Foretells Quantum Computer

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