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Submission + - Androids being reset in order to fix?

Nogrial writes: "It seems to me that anyone having an issue with an Android phone, is being told to reset their phones to factory standards in order to 'fix' bugs. When people going into their carrier's stores, I am noticing that seems to be the trend or solution to solving them problems with peoples phones. Now, it seems that most sale associates or customer service reps are pretty ignorant to how most hand held devices work, especially when it comes to fixing any simple bugs or user errors, let alone any actual hardware/software issues.
To give contrast, if I was an ignorant user of a laptop and lets say I accidentally disabled my task bar, so I take it into a computer shop (like geek squad). The customer service rep doesn't know how to fix this feature, so his solution is to wipe the drive and do a fresh install, or a back up to factory standards. If this happened to me or if this was the option I was given, I would be extremely frustrated; and with Androids/mobile devices becoming much more like pocket computers, storing our data, like settings, files, messages, etc. It seems like we are getting away from actual trouble-shooting and more toward setting a standard of ignorance.

What is the slashdot communities thoughts on this? Is there any solutions to help educate phone carrier customer service reps on how to trouble-shoot and educate their customers?"
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Androids being reset in order to fix?

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