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Submission + - Making a tablet run only one application. 2

An anonymous reader writes: I'm working for a medical centre who want to make a tablet with various videos and webpages about smoking cessation available in their waiting room. The tablet can't access the internet because of security policies. I'm planning to use a local server with copies of the (creative commons) videos and pages accessed through local webpages using the tablet's browser. How can I make only the browser be available to the tablet users? Ideas? Suggestions?
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Making a tablet run only one application.

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  • Alternatively use a launcher that hides apps from the drawer and hide everything. Lots of options here.

  • Hard to give a concise answer without knowing what OS the tablet is running. Is this an iPad tablet, Adroid tablet, Windows tablet PC, Linux tablet PC ... ? In this case, it would be easier to do on a non-iPad/non-Android.

    Whatever OS it is, google that OS + "kiosk mode" and you'll likely get pointed in the right direction. For example ... for Linux you would want to tell X that the browser is your window manager.

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