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Submission + - Largest ISP in the Netherlands KPN is hacked (

An anonymous reader writes: KPN, the Netherlands largest ISP has been hacked. After several days of downplaying the hackers have published some of the data stolen. In the hack the usernames, telephone numbers, and passwords (unhashed) have been made available on pastebin. After trying to downplay the story in the media for a few days, the provider, faced with the pastebin publication has taken down its webmail service for ALL its clients (roughly 2 million). The ISP has stated in the media several times that no data had been taken in the hack. The pastebin proves otherwise. The dutch Rapid Response government IT-responce team (GovCert) has been involved in the downplaying of the story so far. It appears that the Koninklijke Ptt Nederland is not quite worthy of the 'koninklijke' (Royal) in its name. ( The only reason KPN has even acknowledged the hack appears to be that they could no longer deny the story. Unconfirmed sources state that even more info (such as credit card, bank details etc) also have been copied; in a hacker stated they are in possession of 16 GB of data of the paying customers of KPN. So far the KPN has not tried to contact their customers. This is the latest 'hack' in the netherlands, after the popular tech-website Webwereld had their 'hack of the day' month Lektober ('leaktober') exposing how the government in the netherlands is unable to follow the most basic security practices. The system that was hacked was a linux system that was unpatched. This allowed the hackers free access to other servers in use by the KPN for their internal network. KPN stated they formed a 100-man team working day & night to stop the hack; but only after intervention of the FOX-IT security firm were they able to stop the unauthorised access to the compromised server. KPN stated they acted as fast as they could; after it became apparent that the hackers were able to theoretically take down the emergency telephone number in the netherlands, 112 (911 in the USA) . Since maintaining this number is regulated by law in the netherlands, KPN als have informed the dutch equivalent of the SEC.
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Largest ISP in the Netherlands KPN is hacked

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