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Submission + - where are the open source jobs? 2

stry_cat writes: My company has bought into the FUD and is going 100% Microsoft. Rather than work in this environment and be continuously at odds with upper management, I have decided to seek employment elsewhere.

Where do I look for an open source job? I've started with the local paper's Sunday classifieds. I've looked on and However almost all are Microsoft related. The few that aren't are some sort of dinky contract or temp job. So is there a place to find a job in an open source environment?
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where are the open source jobs?

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  • Where are you located? I'm in Seattle, and you'd think it would be 100% Microsoft, but it's not - there is a crazy amount of PHP and even some RoR jobs going on here, as well as Java. Check out Google and Amazon, for sure.

  • If you're up for working in central Ohio, we may have a job for an admin for a couple RHEL 6 servers, and a mix of XP and Win7 clients. Servers are 100% open source. We run asterisk, samba3, and a couple other odds and ends. We'd like to have a front-end developed for the common configuration tasks that we do (user and phone assignments), and also for our needs in production/engineering (bill of materials management). So this would be likely a 10% admin, 90% in-house app developer. We're a small company but

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