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Submission + - Steam proves we don't own the games we buy ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A recent decision to ban a user account has reminded us all we don’t technically own the games bought through the service. If your account is banned, you can’t login and play your games. All that money you spent on tens, or even hundreds of titles doesn’t count for anything.

The example that proves this is the story of a Russian gamer who goes by the name of gimperial. He has a Steam account with over 250 games stored on it that he paid for legitimately, spending over $1,500 purchasing them. However, Steam decided to ban his account for a terms of service violation. The problem is, they wouldn’t tell him what rule had been broken, and Steam’s support service refused to respond to his tickets after initially confirming the ban.

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Steam proves we don't own the games we buy

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  • This is a wierd one. He was given access to his games back but is banned from gifting/trading games until 2022. The original ban came from gifting too many games during christmas. I'm curious how many games it was?

    This wasn't like a VAC ban where you can still play the games, just not online. This was a steam ban.

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