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inflex writes: "I have a software suite that has been running for well over a decade and sold to companies such as Nashua, VirginBlue and NationalFoods. Many components are now OpenSource. I want to focus on my wife's career (Independent novelist) and am considering selling the source/rights to my commercial software and letting someone else take the reins. I'm looking for advice on how best to approach the situation — should I go through the 250k LoC and clean it up a bit, or just hand it over as it's currently running. Would it be advisable to bring in an escrow/3rd-party? I have no heavy emotional attachment to it, tens of thousands of people use the OpenSource components,of which will naturally remain that way but obviously the commercial version will diverge over time."
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How to manage a commercial source-code sale for a

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  • G'day Paul,

    Perhaps your questions rhetorical? Asking us whether you should sell or open source here is pretty brave! Perhaps just release it as FOSS. If its truely commercial just sell it do another dev house. Not as if they are rare in oz! (here!).

    In my experience, I've sold several, is that cleanup is unnecessary. The new owners either leave it alone or trash it anyway. No one will love your baby like you do.

    Perhaps you should use your wife success to create a clean break, sell ALL the old cruft and

    • by inflex ( 123318 )

      I think perhaps I worded it wrong.

      I have a commercial package (Xamime), it sponsored/paid-for the development of several OpenSource packages (ripMIME, alterMIME, openTNEF, ripOLE, Mailfeeder, FileType and ArBomb). The plan is, sell Xamime (commercial) and let it go its own way. The OpenSource packages I'll probably continue as I have, patching as required, if required.

      As for the clean break, yep, I'm hoping for that :D

      Hope that makes more sense - sincerely.

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