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Submission + - A Fake Profile on Google+ Goes Unnoticed, Gets 42, ( 2

chinmoykanjilal writes: "Recently, A Google+ profile has been discovered, which easily features among the top 1000 Google+ accounts worldwide, but is actually a fake account. The Google+ account of Victoria Nigar has attracted a lot of attention lately. She is in over 42,550 circles, and is ranked 545 among top Google+ users in the world, #10 in Canada. Clearly, she has a huge following, but the people who follow her looking at her profile have not the slightest clue."
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A Fake Profile on Google+ Goes Unnoticed, Gets 42,

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  • Her profile doesn't look fake? Lots of tech news actually

    • Well, no one can confirm that she works at Google, and she has changed her name thrice, each time right after the one-month restrain gets over. Moreover, the image on her profile is of someone else! All in violation of Google+ profile TOS. Another thing. Her about page looks kiddish, with Google written in every field. I think, it is just one of those spam accounts that got too much attention.

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