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Submission + - We need a new model. (

John Sokol writes: "We need a new model. Treating intangibles as a service makes far more sense then placing the intangible on something tangible. With a bar code, or now days RF id. Then try to then charge for it as it it were a bar of soap or a bag of pretzels. That worked really well, ahuu for a while, maybe 80 years. Right until people started to gain tools work with the intangibles. So they thought they could fix it with laws, technical hacks, lawyers and finally police.

The Internet's created such apprehension for those in power and control the purveyance of intangibles.
It's up to us to re-invent, re-educate and forge new solutions or there only be further escalations.

I was thinking of compensation right instead of copyright. As much as I love FOSS and P2P, You need to be able pay if you want talented people. We weren't all born rich, or willing to live in abject poverty to hack code. Been there done that, not fun after a while.
Does anyone have any ideas or opinions?"

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We need a new model.

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