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CapitalOrange writes: Senator Leahy, of PIPA fame, is pushing one new bill and may be involved with a second. The first new tech bill is dealing with data breach legislation. Data breach, much like piracy is an important topic. Consumers deserve to know what information has been leaked about them. However as almost all the political blogs (and tech blogs have said) when one road closes for politicians, they often try to backdoor their message into other legislation, through a concept called riders. Riders equivalent in the IT world is the annoying animated gif in an email signature. They often serve no purpose, increase the bloat and are often used to introduce unpopular legislation into popular bills. Hollywoods bought and paid for senators and congressman are going to try to try to get SOPA/PIPA through congress another means and its up to the IT world to make sure they don't sneak it by on our watch.

Also he is working to create our next cyber security bill, which is a great chance for him to slip in SOPA related laws. The idea that someone with such a fundamental lack of understanding of the internet is going to write anything Cyber related is quite scary.

The bottom line, don't rely on the net coalition or the EFF to do this job by themselves. We need to stay vigilante in reviewing the proposals coming out of congress, because if we don't no one else will.

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Senator Leahy newest IT legislation

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