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Submission + - Manifold Clock: Telling time in 3D 1

An anonymous reader writes: A wall mounted clock, that tells time in 3D. The hour and minute hands are connected with a flexible sheet, creating an ever-changing form that moves in space. This unique time-piece is a combination of simple mechanics and modern design. It's based on mathematical notion of Riemann surfaces, derived from the log(z) function.
Currently on the verge of mass-production, needs to raise initial funding on kickstarter
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Manifold Clock: Telling time in 3D

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  • The Manifold Clock not just a clock with a pretty face. It's a paradigm shift. A quantum leap. It's revolutionary, disruptive technology. This is bigger than than flush toilets and the atomic bomb. It's going to blow syzygies out of the water and catalyze our synaesthesia of space and time. It's going to change the world. It's the biggest thing since Microsoft Bob.

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