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Submission + - Poll suggestion: Which moderation option would you 3

doug141 writes: What mod option would you most prefer to see added to slashdot?
1) -1 strawman
2) -1 ad hominem
3) -1 non sequitur
4) -1 argument from authority
5) -1 confusion of correlation and causation
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Poll suggestion: Which moderation option would you

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  • +1 Troll I agree with (current substitute "+1 informative")
    +1 Flamebait I like (current substitute "+1 interesting")
    +1 My [non] religion (current substitute "+1 insightful")

    -1 Totally disagree (current substitute "-1 troll")
    -1 Not my political view (current substitute "-1 flamebait")
    -1 Not my religious view (current substitute "-1 stupid")
  • Partly in honour of Douglas N Adams, but partly because I often want to flag a post as "improbable" when the argument or content looks wrong but I am simply not sufficiently motivated to check it out - things like "Wind turbines don't repay their initial capital cost".

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