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Submission + - World's First Rickroll of a Raspberry Pi (twitpic.com) 1

klave writes: Red Gate, the company behind last year’s competition to send a DBA into space, has this week achieved another first – the first known rickroll of a Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi in question, #7 in the first batch, can be seen booting here. It arrived at the Red Gate offices last week, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, and attracted a lot of attention from the geeks of the company. Nigel Morse, a Red Gate developer, said, “it was so cool to get our hands on Raspberry Pi #7. At least half the company came up to have a look!” The limited edition Model B beta board, one of the first batch of ten $25 ARM GNU/Linux boxes released this month, was bought on eBay by an anonymous bidder for £989.00. It is now en route to its permanent home at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, UK.

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World's First Rickroll of a Raspberry Pi

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