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pr0t0 writes: I've been asked by a local non-profit organization to help with a web project they are planning that will provide a curriculum to teachers for conservation education. They have little in the way of manpower or technical capability, and need a site that can automate tasks like sub-site creation and management. The thinking is that the teacher can sign up and a sub site will be created to house their calendar, documents, and activities that the teacher would adminstrate. The students would also need to be able to sign in and upload project information, results and photos. The main site would need to be able to aggregate some of the data from the sub sites so that the schools can compare their progress against each other. I've worked with SquareSpace and Google Sites in the past. I'm a SharePoint admin in my real job and could possibly use SharePoint Online. I'm also aware of CMS packages like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Concrete5, etc., but haven't used them personally. I don't mind volunteering the hours it will take to create the site, the sub-site templates, and all of the custom coding necessary; but I don't want to be a slave to the site's ongoing use. Does anyone have any recommendations for creating a turn-key package for users of varying technical abilities that you can walk away from when finished?
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Best web framework or CMS for task automation

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  • I would opt for Drupal on a project like this. It's very extensible. The community support is awesome. The code is clean incase you need to get under the hood, and it's very capable of a project like this using modules and some light coding.
  • In my experience, using a CMS is a bad idea for a project such as this. It practically screams "custom app".

    If you use a CMS, you will find that it is hard to maintain when the inevitable glitches arise.

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