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Submission + - Google launches Youtube Slam, an interactive Video (rtoz.org)

rtoz writes: "Google has officially introduced an interactive video discovery tool Youtube slam. With hours of video uploaded into youtube servers from the users all over the world every minute, Google is looking for ways to provide popular content to the users and to view them. This Youtube slam feature randomly splits two videos side by side and the best of the two is chosen based on the public voting.

This video discovery tool is now available for 5 categories namely dance, music, bizarre, cuteness and comedy. When the user select a category a new page will open with two competing videos under that category, and now once the user finish watching both videos they click the voting button that is below the videos if the user chooses the video then it will be awarded two points and if that video is selected several times then the points will radically increase and will finally get a place in the Youtube slam leaderboard.

The Users can start using YouTube Slam at www.youtube.com/slam
Right now, Comedy Slam is having huge number of Videos and Votes comparing to the other four slams."

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Google launches Youtube Slam, an interactive Video

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