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Submission + - Catch my boss being naughty?

An anonymous reader writes: Hello there slashdot. I'm currently in a tricky position. I'm working as an IT-Tech for a small consulting business, and we're employed by a much larger company to maintain their IT structure and support. Now recently me and my colleague have started to notice how our boss is sneaking behind our backs. Let's just say he treats us (and our customers) pretty bad and we've grown sick of it. This company our consulting busniess is employed by now wants to hire us directly, but to do so they need to get rid off our boss first (Their contract ends in 6 months, 6 long horrifying months). After some secretive meetings we've decided that the best way to get him out is to catch him with his "naughty" surfing habbits. Sadly, he's ultimately in control of any and all log files, and clears them on random intervals. What would be the best way to legally log his surfing traffic in a way he would have a hard time noticing?
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Catch my boss being naughty?

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