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Submission + - New Call Center Software Will Knows When You're An 2

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Telegraph reports that researchers have developed new voice recognition software that detects how users are feeling that could be used in automated call centers to route inquiries differently according to the emotional state of the caller. The researchers looked closely at the anger, boredom and doubt that people often experience when talking to automated call center voices and by examining tone of voice, the speed of speech, the duration of pauses, the energy of the voice signal and up to a total of sixty different ‘acoustic parameters’, they have produced computer models of what people sound like according to the emotions they are feeling. “Thanks to this new development, the machine will be able to determine how the user feels and how the caller intends to continue the dialog (PDF)”, claims David Griol one of its creators. "For example, a dialog management strategy could be as follows: If the emotional state is Angry apologize and transfer the call to a human operator immediately.""
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New Call Center Software Will Knows When You're An

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  • "New Call Center Software Will Know When You're Angry"
  • This just opens up the system for abuse... and feedback.

    Users could pretend to be angry to get a higher priority in the queue or to try and jump the queue.

    Also, if the system records responses and tries to rate and categorise them it could be possible to play the responses back selectively for a human to determine what is and is not anger.

    This is much the reason why I currently snarl into stupid voice menu systems.. "Do you have a client id number"? "NO!!!!!!!" "Please say your user name" "GRRRRRRRR".


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