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Submission + - Cops target climate skeptic bloggers in three coun 1

radioweather writes: The Register reports that Cops target climate-sceptic bloggers in three countries in conjunction with the "Climategate" emails saying:

"Roger Tattersall, aka "Tallbloke", a Digital Content Manager at the University of Leeds, posted that six police officers identifying themselves as being from Norfolk Police and the Metropolitan force entered his home at midnight and took away two laptops and a router."

Tattersal reports that he was informed by police that he is not a suspect.

The curious thing is that the leaker known as "FOIA" left comments pointing to the file on hosted blogs, so it has a number of people scratching their heads as to why Tallbloke's computers and DSL router is of interest, especially since the US Department of Justice has issued preservation orders for logs of all three climate blogs hosted on
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Cops target climate skeptic bloggers in three coun

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  • Pardon the reference to an old joke, but I meant it half-seriously:

    The leadership of the US, especially law enforcement (Federal agencies in particular among those), seem to have dropped an average of about 1.5 IQ points per year over the last couple of decades.

    They are either being abysmally stupid, or they are actively trying to oppress. Maybe both. Who knows?

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