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An anonymous reader writes: The tally of lost episodes of Doctor Who dropped by two yesterday to 106 after the British Film Institute's "Missing Believed Wiped" campaign to find lost British TV treasures announced that they had been found. They are episode 3 of "Galaxy Four" from William Hartnell's era and episode 2 from "The Underwater Menace" starring Patrick Troughton. The Troughton episode is now the earliest surviving episode from his tenure as the Doctor. The Galaxy Four episode is the only complete installment from this 4 part adventure from 1965. The episodes are a small fraction of UK TV history that was destroyed in the 1970s when it was felt that such material had no further sales or broadcast value. Although the episodes are a bit battered, it is hoped that a DVD will be released of them next year.
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Two Lost Doctor Who Found

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  • Though I'm sure their copyright (should have) expired long ago on these, what's the stance on something like this when the publisher/rights holder has destroyed all their originals and someone pops up with a copy later when it's back in demand and tries to sell it?

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