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Submission + - Amazon attracting more ire. (

Grekan writes: Amazon seems to be attracting ire from a number of sources these days, especially from bookstores. The latest onslaught from the online retailer comes in the form of an app that encourages book buyers to go into brick and mortar book stores, find the books they want and then leave without making a purchase. Purchasing the book from amazon at a steep discount instead. Thus Amazon is using other companies stores as a showroom. Even a U.S. Senator has spoken out against the practice. From the article:

"Maine senator Olympia Snow (R) released a statement calling on Amazon to cancel the promotion, stating that "paying consumers to visit small businesses and leave empty-handed is an attack on Main Street businesses that employ workers in our communities.” She went on to describe use of the app as "incentivizing consumers to spy on local shops.""

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Amazon attracting more ire.

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