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Submission + - Visualisation solution for genealogy of philosophy

stevenmenke writes: "I’m planning to start working on a genealogy of (philosophical & religious) thought.
I want to visualize this data, as I believe this the supreme way to get a ‘feeling’ of the development and interconnectedness, facilitating the learning process.
I have something like Khanacademy’s knowledgemap in mind, or, for those who know it, the ‘scienceview’ of the game ‘Ascendency’ (better for showing a lot of interconnects and 3d), but more flexible. It needs to be able to zoom out to a constellation view (philosophical 'schools') and have multiple interconnects per node. And it would be awesome if the interconnect between two nodes could have data attached to show the relationship between them. And besides all that, set on a time axis.
It needs to be simple to add new nodes, preferably for multiple users (Wiki style). And it needs to be online, as I want others to benefit and contribute.
I don't have any programming experience (except for a bit of php/mysql years back), but of course willing to learn. What do you think the best place to start is? Are there any 'plug and play' solutions? If so, I haven't found them. Any help would be extremely helpful."
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Visualisation solution for genealogy of philosophy

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