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realized writes: We have all heard of soft caps put on by cell phone carriers. AT&T, Verizon and others alike have all said that they will (and have already started to), “throttle” users in the top 5% of data usage. With LTE starting to be deployed to multiple markets now this seems to be more of a problem. AT&T and Verizon are selling LTE phones and once users realize they can watch movies, download games, etc without lag on the new technology, are overnight getting capped. At LTE Speeds of 30-50MB/sec it’s very easy to hit the “soft cap” in place. The cap, according to some XDA members, seems to be anywhere from 4gb to 8gb/month. What is the point of offering LTE if you aren’t able to handle the small percentage of users that have LTE devices in those areas? Is this a bandwidth problem or a licensing problem with the wireless spectrum? Is 4, 6, or even 10 gb/month really abuse?
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AT&T offers LTE just to cap users who use it

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  • A single LTE tower can handle only 300Mbps downstream per antenna in IDEAL conditions. Normally each tower has 6 antennas (in 60 degree sectors).
    All it takes is a half a dozen users at 50Mbps to saturate that (each antenna).
    Compare that with ADSL2 that provides EACH user with 10-20Mbps downstream, or VDSL2 that can reach 65Mbps per user, since each user has a separate point 2 point link with the DSLAM (the wired equivalent of the cell phone tower).
    Being able to reach ultra high speeds doesn't mean being abl

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