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Submission + - Coding Under the Influence? 2

theodp writes: I've tried coding drunk,' writes Alex Muir in Code Sober, Get Things Done Drunk. 'It was a disaster — even a couple of beers had me really struggling to produce anything worthwhile. I decided coding was like driving — you need all your faculties to work.' But back in the heyday of three-martini-lunches, coding under the influence at work — at least occasionally — was the rule, not the exception that it is today in big corporations. However, a CUI while working on personal projects is still no crime — have you found that downing a few beers or other libations while programming helps or hinders you?
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Coding Under the Influence?

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  • Drunk Coding is awesome, regardless of the final product. Do it with friends, and you'll all feel like you are producing beautiful, well structered, inivitive code. In reality you'll end up unirating in the corner of the room and trying to get the semi colons on your screen to stop moving.

    Despite the problems: drunk + coding = win

  • It's relaxing and enjoyable. It's not productive, however.

    If the goal is to waste time and have fun, drinking is brilliant. If the goal is getting quality work accomplished, not so much.

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