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SandwhichMaster writes: "Prior to my foot surgery I needed to pickup a set of crutches. My insurance was charged $100 for the crutches and $719 for the "Physical Therapy", which basically consisted of setting the crutches to my height. The whole visit was at most 15 minutes. I called both the hospital and my insurance company, but both refused to do anything. My insurance covers about 90% of the cost, and I'm not really that concerned about the $80, but the whole process still seems ludicrous.

Is there anyone I can report this to? Are U.S. health care costs really this out of control? Has anyone else had similar experiences?"
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$819 Crutches

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  • Hospitals are required by law to treat those who can't/won't pay and in many cases with medicare and medicaid patients what the government will reimburse is less than the cost of providing treatment. How do you think the hospitals make up the shortfall?

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