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MojoKid writes: "AMD's initial layoff announcement yesterday implied that the dismissals would occur across the company's global sales force. While that may still be true, it has become clear that AMD has slashed its PR and Marketing departments in particular. The New Product Review Program* (NPRP) has lost most of its staff and a Graphics Product Manager, who played an integral role in rescuing AMD's GPU division after the disaster of R600, also got the axe. Key members of the FirePro product team are also gone. None of the staff had any idea that the cuts were coming, or that they'd focus so particularly in certain areas. These two departments may not design products, but they create and maintain vital lines of communication between the company, its customers, and the press. Severing those lines en masse creates inevitable traffic snarls while assignments are juggled internally, and it risks sending the message that AMD cut staff in certain areas because it doesn't think it'll need to talk about those products going forward."
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AMD Layoffs Maul Marketing, PR Departments

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