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Submission + - Klout.com CEO Responds to Critics, Death Threats (foxnews.com) 1

Velcroman1 writes: Over 100 million users rely on Klout.com to measure their social media influence — the site defines people by a single number: 1 represents the least influential, 100 the most influential. The website calculates your Klout score based on true reach, how many people you influence, amplification, how much you influence them, and network impact, the full influence of your network. Scientists then jam all that information in an algorithm to create your ever-changing, sometimes frustrating, Klout score.

And the Web is up in arms over recent changes to the algorithm that determines it, including an #occupyklout Twitter protest movement. “http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/community/2011/11/03/klout-ceo-fernandez-responds-to-critics-gives-tips-and-talks-future/">I got everything short of death threats,” CEO Joe Fernandez said recently.

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Klout.com CEO Responds to Critics, Death Threats

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