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Submission + - Regarding Linux Kernel's Missing Code

quarkscat writes: I have been a GNU/Linux user since Slackware 0.96. Always I have appreciated the ability with this linux variant to drop in a source tarball, be it a library, utility, application, or kernel and build a functioning binary. The recent problems with servers have left me with high anxiety regarding the viability of the kernel source because of a major gap in both the source tarballs and especially the changelogs.

Can anyone direct me to an alternative mirror of both the kernel source tarballs and changelogs that are now missing from, or should I consider the entire linux kernel source tree to be corrupted?

I am well aware of the evil machinations of individuals, corporate interests, and government alphabet agencies regarding the continued viability of linux. I would sooner switch to openbsd than rely upon a compromised linux. And no, I would not rely upon either MS or Apple for mission-critical operations, as both have been compromised by government alphabet agencies, so don't suggest either of therm.
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Regarding Linux Kernel's Missing Code

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