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An anonymous reader writes: While trying to solve the returning problem of making money on open source software, is there a place in the world for a new software license that permits use and modification, but prohibits redistribution? The Single Source License isn't revolutionary or even an open source license, but maybe a step in the right direction.
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Ask Slashdot: Is there a place for a new software

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  • Using the term Single Source is conveys the meaning that you're trying to impart, but from my understanding what is being described is Open Source Software [OSS] (the source code is given to be viewed and modified by the customer) but it is not Free and Open Source Software [FOSS] (due to the distribution restrictions).
  • Respect the Programmer License []

    People can look at the source, use the source, distribute programs (open or closed) using the source, but not modify the source. It solves some of the problems of the GPL both in terms of the programmers' ability to control the expression of their work (same as any other art form), and multiple incompatible forks.

    That it's not a copyleft (you can't distribute altered copies) is basically what you're looking for - those who cry about it are free to implement their own solu

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